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Guidelines for Sponsors and Supporters

Sponsors: Companies and organizations who donate at least $500 to the Great Glasses Play Day to help defray the costs of the events.  International Sponsors provide support at the international level that is then used to help cover costs at the international level as well as help local events that do not have local sponsors. Local sponsors provide support for individual events in their area or region.

Supporters:  Companies and organizations who participate in Great Glasses Play Day by helping to get the word out about the event and the importance of early vision health.  This can include holding events at their location, posting flyers in their office, putting up a link and image on their website, tweeting, or making facebook posts about the event.

Sponsors and Supporters are listed on our Supporters’ Page with their logo and a link to their site.  You are welcome to post our logo on your site if you would like.

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