34 thoughts on “Meet Up Locations

  1. I would love to get involved in starting a Great Glasses Play Day in Colorado. Any info you have would be welcomed! :-)

    • Hi Melissa! We would love a Colorado event! I think it’s too late to get the word out this year, but we’re going to be having discussions in the next week or two about what we’re doing next year. I can keep you updated if you’d like!

      In the meantime, we’re doing a lot of online celebrations on Sunday. I hope you’ll join us in those!

  2. How do you sign up for the play day? We are in Pittsburgh, which I see is hosting a GGPD but there Is no information on time and sign up. Thanks

    • Hi Erin, your comment got caught in our spam filter, I’m so sorry! The Pittsburgh event ended up cancelled :( Here’s hoping it will happen next year.

  3. Great looks like you’ll be at the Patricia and Phillip Frost museum next month on my son’s bday and he happens to be the kid in glasses. Lol.

  4. Is it possible for me to add a meet up on the Dallas area? Could this be added the list of places to make it open to anyone in the area?

    • We have fewer locations this year. The Madison event is probably the closest one to you. Hopefully next year we’ll have more in your area.

  5. I live in New Orleans, LA. Kinda late to organize one for this year but I’d love to help get one together for next year!

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