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We need your help to make the Great Glasses Play Day a success!

What we need most of all right now is help getting the word out!  Tweet, blog, post on facebook, or share the event with other parenting groups!!

  • Sample Tweet:
    Kid in glasses? Celebrate their vision, meet others, and play at the Great Glasses Play Day #GGPD  @GreatGlassesDay
  • Sample Facebook post:
    Have a kid in glasses?   Celebrate the Great Glasses Play Day on the first weekend in May (May 2 & 3, 2015) with other families whose children wear glasses, or patches or contacts!
  • Or write about the Great Glasses Play Day on your blog!

Take a look at some of the other ways you can help.  And we’re always up for other ideas, too – just let us know!  Contact us as


  • There’s still time to sign up to hold a casual mini-Great Glasses Play Day!
  • Pass along information about the event to other parents you know!
  • Read our “Ways to Play” series on different ways to celebrate the Great Glasses Play Day
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Submit your own ideas of ways to celebrate to!
  • Talk to your local Children’s Librarian and ask if they’d be willing to do a book display the week of Great Glasses Play Day.

Eye Care Professionals:

  • Become a supporter!  Post a flyer about the Great Glasses Play Day in your office, or let parents of children in glasses know about the Great Glasses Play Day in other ways.
  • Offer free adjustments, free glasses cleaning cloths, or free glasses cases the week of Great Glasses Play Day
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Contact us at with other ideas!


  • Vision and literacy are closely related, a child who has poor vision will likely struggle with reading.  Not only that, many children find comfort in books about other kids who are facing similar situations, and getting glasses is no exception!  We would love if you would consider putting up a display of books related to kids and glasses for the Great Glasses Play Day, or do a story time with stories on that topic.  There are some good lists of books about kids and glasses at Between the Lines and Little Four Eyes.


  • Spread the word, let any friends or family with kids in glasses know about the day
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Drop us a line at with other ideas of how you could help.
  • Donate to the Great Glasses Play Day to help us make the event even better and reach more families!

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