Celebrate the 5th annual Great Glasses Play Day

The 5th annual Great Glasses Play Day is almost here!  We have a two main ways to celebrate…

in person

[drawing of three children wearing glasses. Text reads "Join us at a play day"]

Check out the meet-ups page to see if there’s an event near you!  The events are a chance to meet other families near you for a fun day of games, activities, and play.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 12.45.34 PM

[drawing of a computer screen with "Great Glasses Play Day" on the screen. Text along bottom of the drawing reads "Online celebration 2016"]

We’ll also be celebrating on facebook, twitter, and instagram all week (May 9-13) with a different topic each day.  Each day, we’ll draw a random winner from participants to receive a book package, including “Grady Gets Glasses”, “Princesses Wear Glasses”, “Red’s Big Day”, and “Glasses: a board book”!


[infographic describing the online celebration themes for the Great Glasses Play Day. Saturday: share photos of your child rocking their glasses. Monday: share what led you to get your child's eyes checked. Tuesday: share why your child wear glasses, an eye patch or contacts. Wednesday: share a photo or drawing of your child's favorite thing to see. Thursday: share a photo or video of your child's first day in glasses, contacts or an eye patch. Friday: fill in the blank: you know you have a young child in glasses, eye patch, or contacts when ___.]


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