Host a Great Glasses Play Day event in 2015

The 4th annual Great Glasses Play Day will be happening very soon, which means it’s planning time!  We’ve already got well over two dozen locations signed up, but we want to have more locations.  Why not look in to hosting one?


What past organizers have said about organizing

21653_601839696505844_569575398_n“I have to say the smiles on the kids’ faces are enough for me. The plus side though to that… meeting the parents like myself. Our glasses community is a godsend! Each year is another chance to spread awareness and make our kids feel super special. I can’t wait to make this year bigger!” — Pennsylvania organizer

“I have been able to share with mothers and fathers just like me who are trying to raise awareness in the importance about children’s vision!! The best part of being an organizer for KS GGPD, is the chance to show other parents and all Vision clinics the passion and advocacy my family brings to our community! To see the children’s faces experiencing a day all about them is something no words can describe!! Makes me so feel so rejuvenated!” — Kansas organizer

“It’s amazing to see the kids faces light up when they look around and see so many other kids with glasses or patching just like them! And it’s a wonderful experience to be able to talk with other parents about their journeys with their children’s eye health. Parents get together to help and support and listen to other parents, kids and parents come together. ” — Texas organizer

3 things to know about being an organizer

  1. ggpd_eandl (1)A Great Glasses Play Day event can be as big or small as you’d like it to be!  It can be as simple as blowing up a few Great Glasses Play Day balloons (we’ll provide them) and meeting up at your favorite park with a few other glasses-wearing families. For a larger event, recruit a few volunteers and sponsors to help you with costs and set up. The most important thing?  Having fun being a part of a global event that celebrates the role of glasses in our children’s lives and spreads awareness of the importance of early detection and treatment of vision issues.
  2. You won’t be alone!  You will be part of a global movement.  There is a great group of organizers around the world that you’ll be introduced to, who can answer your questions, or brainstorm activities with you.
  3. We’ll help you!  We have an organizer’s kit that includes promotional materials, press releases, printable graphics, games, and activities.

Ready to sign up?

Yay!  It’s very easy to sign up:

  1.  Take a look at the locations on our Meet-ups page.
  2. If there’s a location near you, sign up here and we’ll put you in touch with the organizer of your local event so you can help.
  3. If your city isn’t listed, sign up here to get on the list!
  4. Get ready to celebrate – we’ll be in touch!

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