Great Glasses Play Day version of “These are my glasses”

There are only a few songs out there about glasses.  One of my favorites is a simple, catchy song about reading and glasses by The Laurie Berkner Band — and if you aren’t familiar with her music, it’s all pretty fantastic.  There are gestures to go along with the song, and I think they sing it at the beginning of nearly every library story time.  But the lyrics talk about putting on your glasses to read, and then taking off your glasses when you’re done with the book, and that isn’t reality for a whole lot of our kids – including mine – who need to wear their glasses full time.  So I came up with an alternate version, and sent a quick note to the Laurie Berkner Band and was thrilled to get a quick reply saying they loved it and had no problems with us using my alternate version.  In fact, I  may have squealed out loud, because we’re big fans of hers and it was pretty exciting that they took the time to reply.

And so, I present, the Great Glasses Day version of The Laurie Berkner Band’s “These are my glasses”

these are my glasses


I am not a performer, and so I’m not going to do a video of me singing with the hand gestures, but if anyone reading this would like to make a video of these lyrics, that would be awesome!  But you can enjoy this video of the original version of the song featuring a cutie in glasses:

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