Sign up now to help with the 2014 Great Glasses Play Day events!!!


The 3rd annual Great Glasses Play Day is only a few months away.  We’re looking for people to help us organize and plan the events.

We hope to help organize as many local events as possible, but we’ll need help. Play Dates are typically organized by parents and held at parks or other public locations. Organizers are responsible for choosing a location and time and helping to get the word out to local news sources.

Let us know if you’re interested in helping to organize an event near you, or if you’re interested in attending one near you. Putting your name down does not equal a firm commitment at this point. We’ll connect you with others near by who also want to celebrate the Great Glasses Play Day and help you with the planning. Hosts of each location will get a kit with PDF fliers, samples of some of the suggested crafts, balloons, books and t-shirts.

Sign up today!

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