Announcing the Date of Great Glasses Play Day 2014!


Thanks to everyone who took our poll, we’ve got a date for Great Glasses Play Day 2014! Get ready to celebrate kids who wear glasses, contacts or patches the first weekend in May! It’s going to be a GREAT day to show how proud we are of our children in glasses, how thankful we are for better vision for our kids, but most of all, a GREAT day to have fun and support one another. The Great Glasses Play Day is for everyone who supports vision health for kids, so help us spread the word!


Support: Support children who wear glasses or who have other vision issues, and their families.
Celebrate: Celebrate the advances in eyewear, that not only allows our children to see more clearly, but also act as a way to express our children’s unique style.
Educate: Educate parents about the importance of early eye exams by an eye care professional and vision screenings in addition to follow up treatment of any issues that are identified. Early treatment can save vision!
Raise awareness: Raise awareness of the issues of preventable blindness. So many eye issues go undiagnosed and untreated, especially amongst the most vulnerable and poor. And not treating the problems can lead to a lifetime of blindness.

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