Crafts and activities to do at home or at a meet up!

I just posted the tutorial for glasses masks, but I wanted to make sure people knew about the other activities we have that can easily be done at home:

  • Decorating a glasses case is serious business!

    Decorating a glasses case is serious business!

    Design the “awesomest” glasses ever (“awesomest” is the word my 6 year old used).  These two pages have two kids who need glasses to see better.  Print them out, grab some crayons or markers and design some fantastic specs for them.

  • More coloring!  Want to color some kids that already have glasses?  Give this coloring page a try.
  • Masks tutorial.  You’ll need craft foam, scissors, a pen, and stickers or markers for decorating your mask!
  • Glasses cases, pipe cleaner glasses, and cereal box picture frames.  This pdf has three different crafts to try out!
    •  For the glasses case, you’ll need craft foam, a hole punch, yarn or ribbon, and stickers for decorating.
    • For the pipe cleaner glasses, you just need pipe cleaners.
    • For the picture frames, you’ll need a cereal box, scissors, paint, glue, stickers or wrapping paper for decorating, and of course, a picture to go in the frame!
  • Even more coloring!  If you can’t get enough of coloring pages, here’s our set from last year.
  • Interview your child (link goes to another blog post with an interview with her child).  Ask your child about their glasses and their vision.  Record their answers, either on video, or in writing.  Some questions might be:
    • What do you love about your glasses?
    • What would the greatest glasses in the world look like?
    • What’s your favorite thing to look at?
    • What would you tell another kid who is scared of going to the eye doctor?
    • What would you tell another kid who is worried about getting glasses?

Have a fantastic Great Glasses Play Day!

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