Celebrate with us online on Sunday, August 4

Everyone is invited to celebrate with us online on Sunday, August 4!  We want to share our happiness and thankfulness for our children’s vision, and in the process  raise more awareness of the importance of catching and treating vision issues early!


We’ll have some giveaways, including children’s books, Great Glasses Play Day t-shirts, and glasses for a stuffed animal!  Everyone who participates will be eligible to win!

We’ll have a post up on Sunday, so leave us a comment there to let us know how you’re celebrating and you’ll be entered in the giveaway.

Ways to Celebrate Online

  1. Change your facebook profile to a picture of your child in glasses.Change your status while you’re at it to say something like: “Celebrating the Great Glasses Play Day today!  So thankful for the glasses / patches / contacts that help my child see!  Ask me about the importance of good vision for children. #GreatGlassesDay
  2. Get on Twitter, and Tweet about it!  Something like “Celebrating the Great Glasses Play Day with my son!  So thankful he can see our beautiful world!  #GreatGlassesDay
  3. Write a blog post about how you celebrated the day and include the story of how you knew your child needed glasses.
  4. Check out our Great Glasses Play Day activities and crafts.  Choose one, and share a picture of your child doing the craft, or share the final product.  Send the picture or video to ggpd@shinypebble.com
  5. Send us any other pictures of you and your family celebrating the Great Glasses Play Day, and we’ll share them here and on our facebook page.


Note: Any photos or videos that you share with us may be used by the Great Glasses Play Day in sharing about the event or promoting future events.  We understand that different families make different choices about how much of their children’s lives to share online.  Please do not do anything that makes you uncomfortable about your limits to your child’s privacy.  We love sharing pictures children looking happy and confident in their glasses, but you do not need to ever post your child’s name or photo to participate in these activities. 

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