Sun, sun, sun, here it comes, and the Great Glasses Play Day is coming soon, too!

Here comes the sun, and the Great Glasses Play Day is coming soon, too! We’ve been humming George Harrison’s tune around here a lot lately (now that the ice has finally melted) and it’s time to start spreading the word about our great play day and how great glasses can be! The August 4th event celebrating kids who wear glasses is sure to bring smiles to faces, and this year we’ll have more celebrations, support, and opportunities to play.  We hope you’ll join us! Sun, sun, FUN, here it comes!

The Great Glasses Play Day is an international, annual, local meet-up and virtual play day event for families to celebrate children who wear glasses and their unique style, eyewear advancement and early childhood vision health.   Parents all over the world are invited to hold meet-ups on Sunday, August 4, 2013, with other families and join in the fun. Eyecare providers are encouraged to post flyers early and celebrate the week of the event. The event is co-founded by Ann Zawistoski of Little Four Eyes and Kristin Ellsworth of Peeps Eyewear.

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