Blog posts celebrating the Great Glasses Play Day

One of the ways to celebrate the Great Glasses Play Day was by writing a post on your own blog about your child in glasses.  I’ve gathered up the posts here for you to enjoy.  If you write a blog post about the Great Glasses Play Day, please comment here or on our Happy Great Glasses Play Day post to let us know (and be entered in our giveaways).  If I’ve somehow missed your post, please let me know and accept my apologies!

  • Prairie Rose, on her blog, The Pumpkin & the Princessposted an interview that she did with her daughter about her glasses.  My favorite part?”Princess, what do you like about your glasses?”Pink. Hmmmmm pink.  Playing with my glasses.  The glasses they help me . . . . see.
  • Katherine Collmer at the Cape Cod Health blog has a great post about being an Occupational Therapist, and how oftentimes the children she sees have vision issues.  She includes a lot of great information about how important glasses are for learning, and a fantastic picture of herself in glasses, taken perhaps a few years ago.
  • Marie McNary in At Home in the Heartland has a touching post filled with wonderful pictures of her son Joel.    She talks about how his laugh and his love for his brothers and for reading, oh and the fact that he wears glasses, too.  She also writes about how hard it was at first when they learned he’d need glasses.   “After I saw him in glasses, I cried again. But this time it was because of his smile.”
  • Amblyopia Kids has a great post about her daughter Belle spending the day on a pirate ship, and even asking to patch while on the ship.  It’s a lovely post showing how our kids can surprise us with just how strong they are.

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