Celebrating glasses with a good book

Glasses can help us read, and reading books can help make wearing glasses better!

As a librarian, books are one of the first places I turn when I’m dealing with an unfamiliar situation, so of course I went looking for books for Zoe when she first got glasses, and I continue to keep an eye out for books for that feature characters with glasses.

A big disappointment for me when reading through a lot of the books for kids in glasses, is that the plot of so many of the books revolves around other kids making fun of a child for their glasses, and the child not wanting to wear their glasses usually one leading to another.  Now those are situations that some kids face, and I don’t want to make light of how hard it can be for some kids starting out with glasses, and I think books that talk about those difficulties can be very helpful.  But the Great Glasses Play Day aims to celebrate glasses.  And so, I offer a few recommendations for fun books that really celebrate glasses.  I’d love to hear your recommendations, too!

Arlo Needs Glasses, by Barney Salzberg – (and be sure to check out the very fun trailer video for this book, featuring Arlo the dog).  Arlo is a dog who was having trouble catching balls, so his owner takes him to the eye doctor for an exam and learns he’ll need glasses.  This pop-up book has things to do on nearly every page.  Kids can go through the eye exam with Arlo, try on different glasses, and help Arlo catch balls.  (Full disclosure, I received a free copy of this book for review, which did not affect this review, copies of this book will also be given away as part of the Great Glasses Play Day giveaway).

Princesses Wear Glasses, by Kristin Ellsworth – Annie is an adventurous, curious, scooter-riding girl.  She also happens to be a princess.  Oh, and she gets to wear glasses!  In this book, she decides to go dragon hunting, and ends up helping the dragon she find by giving him a pair of glasses so he can see to find his way home.  (Full disclosure, the author, Kristin Ellsworth, is one of the co-founders of the Great Glasses Play Day, and I received a free copy of this book for review, which did not affect the review.  Copies of this book will also be given away as part of the Great Glasses Play Day giveaway).

Who Wears Glasses?, by Ana Galan – a fun rhyming book about all the wild animals that need glasses.  Very colorful pictures and just all out celebration of glasses.  This one is great for reading out loud!


Patchland Adventures: Fishing with Grandpa, by Carmen Swick – Preston wears glasses and both he and his dog, Beau, patch for amblyopia.  The book follows his dreams where all his animal friends wear patches, and in to the day when he goes fishing, and goes to the eye doctor.  The book has a great explanation of amblyopia, and the message that patching doesn’t need to slow a kid down.

Look! Look! Look!, by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace – three little mice find a postcard of a painting and they explore the colors, textures, lines, and shapes in the painting.  This book is not about glasses at all, but one of the mice wears glasses.  This book does a great job of introducing kids to some of the ways they can observe and enjoy art – something that they need good vision to do!

I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa, by Deborah Hembrook – the main character wishes she had glasses like her friend Rosa.  She tries on many different glasses, and even makes a pair of glasses for herself.  This book really celebrates the differences that make us all beautiful.  It’s a perfect book to read if you’re having a Great Glasses Day Party for kids, some of whom do not wear glasses.

Fancy Nancy: Spectacular Spectacles, by Jane O’Connor – much like “I wish I had glasses like Rosa”, the main character, Nancy is very taken with her friend Bree’s new glasses and tries to convince her family that she needs glasses, too.  The book has a wonderful explanation, in Bree’s voice, of how great glasses are in helping you to see.  In the end, Nancy decorates an old pair of sunglasses, so that she and her friend, Bree, can both have spectacular spectacles.

So tell me what books I’ve missed!

For a longer list of books related to glasses and patching, see the book list at Little Four Eyes.

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    • Josie, it is a good book, I love how she has so many different pairs of glasses, I just wish the other princesses weren’t so mean about wearing glasses. I actually prefer the sequel, Princess Peepers Picks a Pet.

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