How will you celebrate the Great Glasses Play Day?

We’re getting so close to the big day!  I wanted to give a run down of all the different ways to celebrate!  And remember, everyone who participates (no matter how they do it) will be entered in a drawing for some fantastic give-aways.  Just make sure you let us know that you celebrated with us!


check out our celebrate online page for details about all of these

  • Interview your child about their glasses, and share the interview
  • Change your profile picture on facebook, and post a status update about celebrating the Great Glasses Play Day, and share our picture about the celebration.  (and make sure you like us on facebook!)
  • Tweet about your celebrations during the day, with the hashtag #ggpd.  (and make sure you’re following us on Twitter)
  • Blog about celebrating the Great Glasses Play Day,  and the many ways your child’s glasses help them play.

at one of our meet-ups

check out our meet ups page for details about the meet-ups

Come to one of our in-person meet-ups and meet other families with kids in glasses and enjoy a fun play time and other activities!  Meet-ups are being held in:

host your own party

check out our page about hosting your own party for details and downloads for these ideas for fun activities at a Great Glasses Play Day party 

  • hold a treasure hunt
  • set up a craft corner
  • make “cootie catchers”
  • coloring pages!

so how will you celebrate?