Ways to play: Be a kid and have fun wearing your glasses!

As we get ready for the Great Glasses Play Day, we’ll be posting ideas on ways to celebrate, in a series called “Ways to play“. 

Did you wear glasses as a kid, or know someone who did?  It’s not just nice guys like Santa and mystery-solving gals like Velma who wear glasses.

We want to show our littlest ones just how great glasses can be. Everyone can celebrate and wear their glasses the week of August 5th!

Your participation can inspire children in your community just like the women at the University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Delta Gamma Sorority did for my daughter in 2009.

Delta Gamma was kind enough to send my preschool daughter a picture of the women in their chapter who wear glasses (click the picture for a larger version). At that time, my daughter was having a hard time patching her eye and wearing her corrective glasses for amblyopia treatment. Their picture really showed her that strong and beautiful women wear glasses too! The picture also inspired me to dream of a day like the Great Glasses Play Day.

Let’s help kids grow up seeing clearly; ready to read and ready to PLAY!

Kristin Ellsworth, Co-Founder

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